Red Alert 2 Game Review

Red Alert 2: I was a fan of the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert. I loved those games. But what I dislike about their sequels is their lack of consistency with their predecessors. Those sequels being Tiberian Sun and this, Red Alert 2.

I don’t think the developers of the first Red Alert had the idea of a sequel because all the Soviet leaders in the original bonked each other off with only Kane surviving. So, I reckon Red Alert 2 was a bit of a shock and it does not really coincide with the original very well.

Having said that, Red Alert 2 does have some reasonable gameplay though and I suppose is a good game by itself. It is a disappointment though that the developers chose to neglect the original classics, they have even decided not to sell the originals any more which seems a bit strange. Come on, even Wolfenstein 3D is still being sold in some stores!

Gameplay: The gameplay is quite good but there is nothing revolutionary. This time, you can order troops to enter and hold some structures, I think its called garrisoning them. There are also some super weapons like the Allied Weather Machine. There is some consistency with the original because the Iron Curtain and the Chronosphere make a return, but if it’s a welcome return I don’t know.

Graphics: The graphics are passable but they are not dare-I-say-again…revolutionary. Most real-time-strategy made these days enable you to fight on a three dimensional battleground, where you can rotate and zoom the view. Red Alert 2 is just your flat 2D battlefield though. I think the developers were saying that this would be there last 2D RTS. Well, they weren’t very experimental were they? Ever heard the the phrase ‘to go where no man has been before’? I reckon the developers should have thought more along those lines.

Sound: The sound is fine as usual. For those of you who liked the music of the original though, Red Alert 2’s music is a bit different. It’s hard to express, so I’ll just say that I didn’t like Red Alert 2’s music as much as I did the original’s.