Max Payne Game Review

This is a high quality game, many online games attempt to achieve the level of perfection Max Payne gets, but fall short. Max Payne is an innovative third person shooter. It is based in New York, you are a “fugitive cop” who was framed for the murder of your friend, Alex Balder DEA special agent.

Gameplay: Gameplay is the best aspect of Max Payne. They have a feature in Max Payne called bullet time. It is a limited resource that replenishes itself for every kill you get. When you activate bullet time you slow down time, everything moves slow except for your aiming reticule. The game has good fluid controls, and has fun fighting scenes. In the game your health is just above realistic so you can have more fun.

Graphics: The graphics of Max Payne are very advanced and allow you to really understand and get to know the gritty and noir situation our hero Max has been forced into. The game has a “graphic novel” that replaces the cutscenes with comic book style graphics this is a great feature i think.

Sound: Sound is amazing the voice acting is the best i have heard in a game it is top – notch. Hollywood movie quality. The rest of the sounds are good and some pretty decent techno music comes on during some action scenes which make Max Payne play out like a jon woo action flick with more depth and story to it.

Escape From Monkey Island Review

This was an excellent game. It had a logical and complexed plotline, excellent graphics, amazing sound and was extremely funny. It also fit well in with the story lines from the other Monkey Island games and seemed to connect all the loose ends those games left. The entire game had priate yet still very comical, felling. If there was one thing wrong, it was Monkey Combat. That’s because I don’t like writing things down for computer games and you had to do that a lot for in in that part of the game.

Gameplay: It took me a few minutes to master the gameplay of Escape From Monkey Island, but after that it’s easy and there are different settings of controls for those who would prefer a different style.

Graphics: The graphics of Escape From Monkey Island were amazing. It keeps the same character design as the other games but in 3-D. All the backgrounds looked really lucius and colourful and again had the same style as previous games.

Sound: Sound had to be the best feature of Escape From Monkey Island. The music was very catchy, and you never got tired of it. I even found myself staying in certains scenes longer because I liked the music.